Protocol against Covid-19
- All apartments will remain unoccupied at least for 48 hours between the departure of a client and a new entry.
- Our employees have taken training courses in health and hygiene standards (Altimir Certificate).
- We have information signs in the most common languages, reminding you of the rules of hygiene, prevention of infection and safety distance.
- All common areas (lifts, handrails, doorknobs) will be disinfected approximately every 2 hours.

- Our employees will always wear their personal protective equipment (PPE).
- The use of the mask in the common areas will be mandatory for the clients.

- There is the possibility to check in online.
- We have a protective screen between the employee and the client.
- We have established a maximum capacity of 1 client in the reception area.
- We have hydroalcoholic gel dispensers for the use of our clients.
- Recommend the payment with card.

We guarantee that the apartments are disinfected according to the protocol established by the Ministry of Health:

New measures
- The extra blankets and cushions are protected and inside the closet.
- The garbage is double-bagged.

General cleanliness
1. Cleaning of the surface or object with soap and water.
2. Disinfection with bleach or 70º hydroalcoholic solution.
3. Drying.

Cleaning of kitchen items
1. Cleaning of the object with a compound of water, soap, and bleach.
2. Drying.

Cleaning of air conditioners
Disinfectant for ducts and air freshener.

Procedure for washing fabrics and textiles
Surface disinfection with hydro-alcoholic solution of 70º or washing at more than 60ºC with detergent or washing at 40ºC with bleach (depending on the fabric and its composition).